Consumer Member

Any person diagnosed with Hemophilia (A or B), vonWillebrand’s Disease, or any other bleeding or clotting disorder, including any person who is a diagnosed carrier. Parents or legal guardians of a minor affected consumer member and any other minor family member(s) (people living in the same household) qualify as consumer members. An adult affected consumer member can qualify their minor children and their spouse, significant other OR ONE other adult so long as that adult does not qualify as an industry member and that they reside in the same household with the affected adult member.

Industry Member

Any person employed by or representing a pharmaceutical company, specialty pharmacy or any other for profit business that earns any revenue from serving the bleeding disorders community. All adult members of an industry member’s family (people living in the same household) are considered industry members except for any family member affected by a bleeding disorder as well as any minor siblings living in the same household.

General Member

Any person not defined as a Consumer Member or as an Industry Member.