Compassion Learning Outreach Today

The CLOT Line outreach program is a resource for our members when unforeseen situations affect their daily lives. The program offers Compassion, Learning, and Outreach to the bleeding disorders community of Alabama Today.

The sky-rocketing costs of healthcare, including co-pays, continue to create hardships for our members, and they can quickly find themselves in crisis situations when it comes to daily living expenses. Our members can find themselves unable to afford medication and doctor visits, payment on their bills and rent, or even purchasing food. That’s when HBDA’s CLOT Line can help to provide a safety net to assist in these difficult times.

We will qualify each applicant through a criteria based application process to ensure the funds dispensed are directly related to our mission statement.

To apply for CLOT line assistance, please click here.

To be a part of making a difference, you can click below to make a contribution to the CLOT Line.

Click Here to Donate or Mail checks to:

917 W Osceola Street
Wetumpka, AL 36092